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Load Locator


Using new technology to make your job more efficient is what Load on the Go is all about. Load on the Go uses Route Mapping to help you find the loads you want, where you need them. Simply input the route you will be taking and be instantly notified of loads that fit your needs along your personalized route.
Finding loads that are convenient for you has never been easier. Route Mapping takes the guess work out of finding loads near you wherever you are and wherever you are going.
Contact Load on the Go for a demonstration of how Route Mapping will save you money and get you out of the office and on the road sooner with full loads.


Text Messaging Notification


When signing up for our site, you are given the option to take advantage of our unique text messaging package. With everyone using cellphones, we would be crazy not to offer this amazing option. Now you can stay on top of your freight loads while in the office, on the road and at home. You can truly be on-the-go with this one.


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